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what is mrffc?

The Midwest Region Foundation for Fair Contracting, Inc. (MRFFC), is a not for profit organization acting to ensure that the best interests of the public at-large are met when awarding publicly funded construction projects. MRFFC does this by seeking the enforcement of all laws and regulations governing the construction industry.

In the past, many Public Bodies have awarded construction projects to the “lowest absolute bidder.” What often happens is that a Public Body determines responsibility by only looking at the financial responsibility of the contractor, not the total ability of the contractor to perform the work. Under Federal Law, 48 CFR 9.103(a), a company must demonstrate that it has the necessary technical and financial capability, performance record, business integrity, and ethics to merit receiving a government contract. MRFFC works to ensure that Public Bodies enter into contracts with those who are most qualified: financially, technically, and ethically.

For more information, call the Midwest Regional Foundation for Fair Contracting at 217.789.6996