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what is a responsible bidder ordinance?

A Responsible Bidder Ordinance (RBO) will ensure that all taxpayer funds are utilized in an efficient and judicious manner, and all contractors meet the requirements set forth by the ordinance. All public bodies can be assured of honest, safe, and highly skilled craftsmanship on every project.

The most respectable and advantageous characteristic of a “Responsible Bidder Ordinance” is that it will provide for highly skilled labor in an extremely safe working environment. Within the “Responsible Bidder Ordinance” a contractor must have, “active participation in apprenticeship and training with craft specific programs approved and registered with the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.” When enrolled in an apprenticeship program an individual undergoes intense hands on training that stresses the importance of “Safety First.” Most programs train participants for four (4) years and often require extensive Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) classes.

In addition to the obvious safety advantages, a “Responsible Bidder Ordinance” can help benefit public bodies by ensuring the completion of construction projects on time and under budget. The apprenticeship and training requirements included in a “Responsible Bidder Ordinance” provide contractors with highly trained, highly skilled, and highly productive workers.

Without a “Responsible Bidder Ordinance,” public bodies often get contractors with untrained and unskilled labor. When an untrained and/or unskilled worker attempts a task that he or she is not qualified for, chances of error and failure are greatly increased, thus increasing the time required to complete the task and increasing the overall cost and time to complete the project. Under a “Responsible Bidder Ordinance,” every individual working on the project will be a trained Journeyman or will be enrolled in an approved apprenticeship program working under the guidance and supervision of a Journeyman. This system provides for a highly productive working environment, which decreases completion time and cuts the cost to the public body.

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