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what does mrffc do?


The MRFFC reviews project-tracking materials to determine which public bodies are requesting bids for projects. The MRFFC then often follows up by sending bid letters to the public body and contractor informing them that the MRFFC may monitor the project when awarded to ensure complete compliance with all Local, State and Federal laws.


MRFFC will be a repository for information about projects and users of contractor services. Information will also be provided about Prevailing Wage and Davis-Bacon requirements to help ensure projects are appropriately bid and awarded. Additionally, MRFFC will inform public bodies and contracting agencies about unfair contractors. MRFFC will also educate workers and contractors on public works projects so that they will know and apply the appropriate wage and fringe benefits.


MRFFC representatives monitor construction projects to determine whether violations, ranging from misclassification of workers to wage violations, are occurring. MRFFC representatives will look for such things as the number of workers on a job, the classifications in which they are working, the hours and overtime, and other related problems such as safety. If possible violations are noted, action will be taken to report or correct the shortcomings. We will use such tools as detailed reporting forms, pictures, and videos to document cases.


Protests filed with the Foundation for Fair Contracting may include referrals from contractors, affected workers or other sources. This information is turned over to the appropriate regulatory agency such as Departments of Labor, BAT, OSHA, Public Health, IRS, Employment Security, EEOC, etc. Detailed information from monitoring will aid these agencies in investigating and prosecuting violators.


MRFFC keeps in regular contact with the appropriate agencies to see that all cases are handled in a timely manner, and that an appropriate resolution is reached. The MRFFC will continue dialogue with the complaining party, the user agency, or the public body for any results of the agency action. The MRFFC will also follow up with outside information agencies to assure that the public is made aware of any issues of taxpayer mistrust.

For more information, call the Midwest Regional Foundation for Fair Contracting at 217.789.6996